About us

Andrea Levorato loves beautiful, well-made objects.
The “pleasure of beauty” is the motto that drives his work and that of his collaborators in ELLEDUE, every day.
The key word that Andrea adopted when he began this work, twenty years ago, underscores his sensorial relations with objects, the love for pleasurable shapes, colours and surfaces of materials.
It tells about the pleasure of wood and its tones that mark boundaries of different worlds and styles. It tells about the ability to choose the most ideal paddings, the experience and taste required to select precious fabrics, to combine original trimmings. It tells about the taste to put together everything with the certainty to offer objects truly well made that will last in time, even if subject to daily wear from the public. A work that underlies ancient values and innovative choices, excellence that guarantees real human relations, environmental sustainability, tradition, research and creativity.

Beauty and quality of materials, but also attention to safety certifications, dimensions, weight, ergonomics that render ELLEDUE chairs truly comfortable and easy to use and move, also in environments like restaurant halls where a large number has to be re-organised many times a day.

So Andrea Levorato offers an unparalleled product to the Contract sector in terms of balance between value and cost, guarantee of an investment based on long-lasting beauty.

ELLEDUE DESIGN is aware to take part in important Brand projects with its production, hence it provides the best for the ideal execution of every interior design. From large supplies

Highly qualified staff.
Quality raw materials.
Optimal mix between handicraft works and modern production technologies.
High quality control standards during the entire production cycle.
Respect of delivery times.
Packaging that guarantees safe transport to destination.
Management of complex projects from beginning to end. Ability to dialogue with designers, architects and clients. Ability to translate the client’s needs to technicians, being willing to experiment and find new solutions.

Concealed work that, as Andrea states “...comes out when the hand caresses the product, the eyes confirm the quality and beauty and you can immediately perceive order, safety and guarantee”.

The covering is finally shaped with sophisticated craftsmanship inside ELLEDUE, where every detail is worked with passion, dedication, experience and dexterity. Where the hand caresses the product, the eyes of our team confirm the “beauty” creation ready to proceed for logistics, organized as well with order, safety and guarantee.