Good things do not happen... they are realized

We design and produce wooden and metal furniture for Contract, Cruise and interior design markets, with a specialized design team which is our strength, because also synergies do not grow by nothing but from an intense understanding of being able to do something beautiful.

Our products can sometimes be inspirations and creations of our customers but in the last period the need to create our personal design studio allowed us to bring to life products completely ours, feeding our haunting passion for “beauty”, dressing it up with simple originality.

Tailor-made service is our strength, offering the possibility to adapt our products to the peculiar needs of a project, guaranteeing the high standard of craftsmanship combined with comfort, ergonomic  and stability.

Customizing is our second passion: modify sizes, tailor made coverings, personalized finish, creating an entirely customized product.

From a drawing we move to the rendering, to the technical drawing, to prototyping, up to visiting the location of the customer in order to be analysed, tested and approved.

Every product has flexibility in order to be moulded to every sector, through the use of different finish and covering details. The designers are able to specify our product, to adapt it to the desired scheme, adding details without undermining the aesthetic of the original design.